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How to start surfing the property investment market

If you’re thinking about getting started creating a profitable passive income stream, then register for our FREE 1-hour webinar on How to start surfing the property investment market.

By the end of the webinar, you’d be able to:

✅ Decide when is the best time to get started with your investments

✅ Choose whether property (as one of many types of investments) suits you best

✅ Have clarity on what positive & negative gearing mean

✅ Decide which strategy (between positive & negative gearing) works best for you

✅ Know how to earn money in growing and declining property markets

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Finkke’s courses

Our course Grow your property investments & work because you want to is available in two formats:

✅ 2-day intensive face-to-face course in Sydney

✅ 8 x 1-hour online sessions 

To access the online course simply go to the online course tab (at the top).

For the face-to-face courses taking place in Sydney (Australia), you can check our upcoming dates below. To book your spot, you can send us an email to info@finkke.com or simply send us a message by clicking the contact us button below. Maximum 6 people per session.

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What you can expect to learn from our course and immediately put into practice

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✅ How to search & select the best areas with the most potential for capital growth. 

✅ How to create a strategy for a property investment portfolio that is self-sufficient and self-generating.

✅ Where and how to find deals.

✅ How to run a detailed analysis, including understanding the monthly cash flow, calculating the Return on Investment and Yield. 

✅ Working out the full cost of the property – ensuring you’ve considered all costs involved!

✅ How to set up the system on autopilot. Putting together a power team so that your properties are generating an income without you needing to solve the issues that come up. 

✅ Understand the full buying process with expected timelines and key milestones.

✅ How to call the REA and ask the correct questions, negotiate and put offers.

✅ Creative ways on how to raise funds to get started.

Our promise to you: you don’t need to be a maths wizard to understand how rent minus expenses results in cash flow. We’ll teach you how to validate income and costs before you buy the property, keeping it as simple as possible.

And much more…

  • You’ll have access to a great tool that will shed some light on your cost of living so you understand if there’s any potential to save more and, how much passive income you’d need to make in order to become financially independent.
  • Fully understand concepts like compound growth, leverage, and how loans work.
  • Total clarity on positive and negative gearing.

Want to know more about our online course?

You get to preview session 2 for FREE!!! Just click the button below. No need to BUY this course before getting a taste of it.

Why learn to surf the market

Robert Kiyosaki has been a great influence on the subject of passive income. If you haven’t read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, we highly encourage you to do so. He has a great analogy about surf. Gaston, one of our co-founders, loves it because surf is one of his biggest passions!

Gaston has explained to me that when he’s in the water, he always avoids catching the wave late because he knows that the most likely outcome is that he’ll fall. Also, when there’s a crowd catching a wave before him, he’ll skip it because the people who are inside the wave are coming fast and there’s a high chance of running him over.

Investing is much like surfing. You need to be ready to catch the wave on time. If you are late, it is better to wait for the next one – and there’s always another wave. If you catch the wave late, you’ll most likely be hit by it. In any market, the same thing happens. It’s usually the crowd that shows up late and gets smashed.

In order to be able to surf the best waves, you’ll need to have the guts to be true to yourself. This is very difficult because it requires you to go against the crowd. So, when there’s too many surfers at a certain beach, Gaston will go looking for a less crowded one. It’s tricky because when he finds a spot with NO one, often he’ll assume it’s not great (presuming otherwise there would be other surfers in the water). However, one of the best surfing memories he has was from a trip to Indonesia. He found a place with absolutely no one! It was a place close to where a world-surfing tournament takes place every year; it seemed like a good opportunity and when he checked the surroundings it looked good. The risk being it was full of rocks. He still went for it and, 30’ later, five other surfers had followed. They still gave Gaston priority to catch the waves because he was there first. It was high risk but an even bigger reward! Same applies to markets.

Using this same analogy for Finkke, we believe that acquiring knowledge makes us get better at surfing the market. It reduces the time it would take us to learn how to surf if we were to teach ourselves whilst reducing our risk of being hit by the wave in the process. We’re firm believers that this world is demanding a new way of education. One where you can implement what you learn right away, optimize and get better with experience. You’ve probably learnt some skills that allowed you to earn money. This course teaches you what to do with the money you’ve earned. 


✅ What if you could create a system where, once it’s set up, you earn money without actively working for it?

✅ What if you had more time to help others?

✅ What if you could travel more often and discover new places?

✅ What if you had freedom to choose to change your career because you’re no longer tied up to a job to pay your bills?

✅ What if the passive income coming from your property investments could pay for your home loan?


Just think about the opportunities and freedom that the passive income coming from your property investments could bring you. Now is the best time to get started and we are here to walk you through the initial stages which are the hardest of the journey.

Why start investing today

Compound growth is a magical thing, and the examples in the video (above) explain how it works and why there’s no better time than the present to get started. 

The reason why it’s so important to start TODAY and not delay it any further is that compound growth is exponential, which means that as time goes by, the effect of an early investment will become more and more impactful. Time could have an even bigger impact than the amount of money you actually invest.

Why choose property as your 1st investment

I personally believe property is the best source of passive income and a great asset type to get started with. There are 3 main reasons for this:

1. It provides a variety of income: a constant stream coming from rental income and money storage that you can access via selling or re-mortgaging the property.

2. It has held true over time… centuries!

3. It’s the #1 reason for wealth. Proven.

Why bother with property investments

Some people believe investing in property is too much of a hassle and not worth it. In our opinion, there’s 3 big reasons why real estate is unique and an amazing asset class to invest in:

  1. You can leverage other people’s money (whether it’s from the bank or any other type of loan). Not many other asset types allow you to just put a deposit for a small percentage and get someone else (the tenants) to pay for your loan.
  2. When correctly done, you can see really high returns on your investments. Feel free to check out the ROI from my first 2 properties by scrolling upwards!
  3. Inflation plays in your favor brining in a benefit both in cash flow and appreciation.

A sneak peek into why the negatively geared deal didn’t work for me (Tiffy)

I’ve put together a really cool and highly informative 1-hour FREE webinar where I deep dive into what positive and negative gearing mean. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be able to decide which strategy (between positive and negative gearing) works best for you. If you’d like to book your spot, don’t hesitate to reach out via email info@finkke.com or through the Contact Us section

You also get to have some fun and hear the end to the story shared in the About Us section where I explain how a 20′ phone call with the Mentor from the property investment workshop changed our lives.

Following I summarise my reasons for choosing positive gearing and staying clear from negative gearing.


The reasons why I choose positive gearing:

✅ I want to create a portfolio of passive income that gives me the freedom to work on fulfilling my life purpose.

✅ I want my investments to be generating money that can keep being re-invested into building and growing my property portfolio.

✅ If I have the option of making a profit or a loss, I choose to make a profit.


The reasons why I choose to stay away from negative gearing:

✅ I was planning on not having a stable income from my job during 2019. Therefore, I couldn’t afford increasing my cost of living and having an extra expense.

✅ Once you do a few negatively geared deals, banks don’t want to lend you more money because each deal is losing you money so they can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to service the debt (not matter how high your income is – there’s simply a limit). I wanted to ensure I wouldn’t have a restriction on lending because of my properties losing money every month.

✅ The one upside that most people see in negative gearing is that you’re able to deduct taxes because you’re making a loss. Given I was planning on not having an income, then I wouldn’t have taxes to deduct so it simply didn’t make sense for me.

Why choose Finkke

Starting with Finkke’s family, we believe that if people are fulfilled by their jobs, their outputs will be simply amazing. Living a life of fulfillment and continuous learning is our priority. We love what we do and we’re clear on why we do it.

Even if we have a team of experienced people who have seen amazing results, we understand how it feels to purchase your first investment property because we went through that process recently. 

We know what it means to have some savings but not enough to buy your first home. And we certainly don’t want you to feel stuck to job you don’t necessarily love because you need to pay the bills.  

We all want the same: a stream of passive income to give us the freedom to choose what we do with our lives. 

We are always looking to learn, improve and keep growing. We value your feedback!

One size doesn’t fit all, so we’re here to understand where you’re standing, what you want to achieve and help you acquire the knowledge so you get to implement the plan that works best for you.

is this course right for you?

As previously mentioned, we’re firm believers that one size doesn’t fit all. We believe this course will be a great fit if YOU:

✅ Are looking to create a profitable passive income stream.

✅ Believe property to be one of the best ways to start building an investment portfolio.

✅ Understand the first few months of setting up a system require hard work.

✅ Are willing to delay some reward: keep your expenses low and build up assets first.

✅ Are 100% certain that you are ready to take action.

✅ Choose to make a profit every month (choose positive gearing*)

*Positive and negative gearing: we explain in detail what it means and how you can decide which strategy fits you best by watching out FREE 1-hour webinar.

Who this course won’t work for?

Without intending to hurt anyone’s feelings, we’re hoping to be upfront and let you know we won’t be able to meet your expectations with our course if YOU:

✅ Are looking for a quick and easy way to make money.

✅ Are happy to buy negatively geared* properties.

✅ Are not open to learning about new ways of doing things. 

✅ Are set on buying your own home ASAP in an unaffordable market.

✅ Are currently in the process of starting your own business and have no time, energy or money left to invest on learning. 

*Positive and negative gearing: we explain in detail what it means and how you can decide which strategy fits you best by watching out FREE 1-hour webinar.