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This course gives you knowledge and tools so you can search, assess and confidently take action and grow your property investment portfolio. We strive to eliminate the barriers that are part of the real estate markets and this is the first big step that allows you to understand where and how to start building a profitable portfolio.

All content is based on real life examples. We teach you to manage risk by being able to understand how a property will perform ahead of putting offers. We are looking to build your confidence so you get to convert the knowledge you’ve gained into taking action.


This course covers:

  1. How to search & select the best areas with the most potential for capital growth.
  2. How to create a strategy for a property investment portfolio that is self-sufficient and self-generating.
  3. Where and how to find deals.
  4. How to run a detailed analysis, including understanding the monthly cash flow, calculating the Return on Investment and Yield.
  5. Working out the full cost of the property – ensuring you’ve considered all costs involved!
  6. How to set up the system on autopilot. Putting together a power team so that your properties are generating an income without you needing to solve the issues that come up.
  7. Understand the full buying process with expected timelines and key milestones.
  8. How to call the REA and ask the correct questions, negotiate and put offers.
  9. Creative ways on how to raise funds to get started.


This course will be a great fit if you:

  • Are looking to get started on building a profitable stream of passive income.
  • Believe property to be one of the best ways to start building an investment portfolio.
  • Understand the first few months of setting up a system require hard work.
  • Are willing to delay some reward: keep your expenses low and build up assets first.
  • Are 100% certain that you are ready to take action.
  • Choose to make a profit every month (choose positive gearing).


This course will not be able to meet your expectations if you:

  • Are looking for a quick and easy way to make money.
  • Are happy to buy negatively geared properties.
  • Are not open to learning about new ways of doing things.
  • Are set on buying your own home ASAP in an unaffordable market.


User Avatar Tiffy Rubinat

Tiffy Rubinat is the co-founder and CEO of Finkke. She has developed the educational program based out of her own knowledge acquisition combined with her investor experience and continuously learning from other people’s journeys. During 2018 she acquired a lot of knowledge regarding passive income streams and focused particularly on property investments. Bought her first property in January 2019 and in her first six months as an investor was able to buy, renovate and rent out 3 houses (all at a distance). Managed to find investors to be able to get started, with no prior experience. Her properties are seeing high return on investment and yield. You can check them out under “our first deals”. Hopes to dedicate her life to helping people who are unhappy with their jobs transition to a life of fulfillment. How? Using her own life experience to help others take action whilst understanding everyone is unique. Her priority is sharing the journey, not just the achievements. Firm believer that we can all achieve our dreams once we believe in them and decide to pursue them. It is easier and feels better when we are part of a community. Founder of the Facebook group Career Change Support for Millennials, which you can access through: bit.ly/tiffygroups
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