Purpose, Vision and Mission

Why we’ve created Finkke:

We want to enable people to achieve a life of fulfilment by empowering them to develop profitable passive income streams through real estate investments.

How we’re going to fulfil our reason of being:

Our online platform allows you to acquire practical knowledge about property investments, enables you to network with other investors and connects you with the right people so you can build a profitable passive income stream.

What success looks like to us:
Our mission is to help 2 million people gain freedom of choice in the next 10 years by empowering them to create their own profitable passive income streams

Our Story


Hi, I’m Tiffy, one of Finkke’s co-founders. I worked in the corporate world for +7ys. 2018 represented a massive year of personal growth for me. I was able to define my life purpose, start investing in property and come up with a plan to leave the job I knew wasn’t right for me. If you’re interested in the career change topic, check out the FREE Facebook group I’ve created:


How did I start my investment journey?

The first trigger was reading Rich Dad Poor Dad – which I always recommend to people interested in passive income. Robert Kiyosaki encourages people to invest in education and that’s what I did. I signed up in May 2018 for a 3-day course taking place in September.

As part of my eagerness (which sounds way cooler than “desperation”) to get started, I found a Sourcing Agent* who offered me an opportunity to invest in an off-the-plan house in Queensland, Australia. 

The Sourcing Agent did a fantastic job at selling my partner and I this deal. He got us to fly out to Queensland to check out the location and show us a similar house to the one we’d own. In order to take this deal off the market, we only needed to place $1,000 refundable deposit – which of course we did. We were so excited to move forward, it simply looked like an amazing deal!!!

Timing was certainly everything, because a few days after flying out to Queensland, we had a call with a Mentor from the property investment course we had signed-up for. Long-story short, in a 20’ phone call, we were able to realize that the deal we were getting into wasn’t what would work best for us. Fortunately, after a good amount of chasing, we were able to recover the $1,000 deposit 😊

We ended up waiting for the September course before investing. I gained a lot of knowledge which I was able to put into practice right away (check out the ABOUT US – Our experience with property investment section). This is one of the topics I feel really passionate about and fulfills my life purpose. I want to share it with you so you get to accelerate your passive income journey and spend time working on what you are passionate about and brings you fulfillment.

Note: if interested in understanding what didn’t work for me when looking at the Queensland deal, I’ve put together a great FREE 1-hour webinar where I share the end to this story and explain in detail why negative gearing didn’t work for us. To participate of our next FREE webinar, check out the UPCOMING EVENTS section or simply reach out at info@finkke.com.

*Sourcing Agent: his main job is to find property deals, negotiate and package them, to then sell them to a property investor (like me).


Gaston (Tito) is also one of Finkke’s co-founders. He has two great passions: surfing and helping disadvantaged teenagers find theirselves.

He started his property investment journey before gaining any knowledge in the matter. He bought a unit as an investment and, because he hadn’t figured out all parts of the process and the costs associated, had that unit untenanted (with an unfinished renovation) for over 2 years.

This meant that for two years he was paying expenses without seeing any rental income.

He was working with me (Tiffy) on our previous business idea and he saw me go through the process of acquiring knowledge from the property investment course and getting my first 3 houses fully renovated and rented out within 6 months.

When I started trialing my first face-to-face workshop, he decided to attend hoping to make his property investment work. By the end of the 2-day intensive course, he hadn’t just put a plan together to finish up the renovation and have the unit rented out to maximize the return, but was also hoping to get involved in this new venture. He was able to experience first-hand the value that these 2 days brought to him and how, if he had known everything he had just learnt before buying his investment, he would have done things very differently.

Tito is our IT star. We’re hoping that with time we can optimize and deliver both amazing valuable content that you can put into practice right away and a remarkable experience that can fit your personal needs. He’s obsessed with testing, learning and optimizing. He strives to deliver an online experience that can adapt to one’s unique needs.



Our experience with property investment


The end of my (Tiffy’s) story is that the property investment course opened my eyes. The knowledge I gained gave me more options to choose from. I was able to get out of a deal that simply didn’t make sense to me and able to invest in properties that put money into my bank account every month (after all expenses have been paid).

Gaining knowledge has impacted me in many ways:

  1. I’m now able to analyze and make a decision by myself on whether a deal that is being presented to me is good or bad.
  2. I was able to find deals that are giving me double digit return on my investment; instead of having a negative ROI (from the Queensland deal).
  3. It allowed me to find investors as from the first deal. With no prior experience with property, I was able to present a business case to an investor who trusted me to go out and acquire not just 1 property but 2 properties (3 houses in total).
  4. I was able to get started with a $15k deposit. Finding investors and looking at affordable markets allowed me to get started without needing to wait to raise a huge amount in savings. The Queensland deal (mentioned in my story) would have required A LOT more money to get started.
  5. I’ve been able to achieve passive income goals faster than what it would have taken me to teach myself. What I’ve done in the first six months of 2019, would have probably taken me 5 years to accomplish by myself.
  6. I consider the property investment course the best investment in knowledge I’ve ever made. My Industrial Engineering degree has given me skills to generate an active income. This education has given me skills to generate a passive income (my money generates more money without me actively working).

Our first deals

Koromiko Reno 4 website
Koromiko financials website 1800 x 1000
Waitai financials website 1800 x 1000
Waitai Reno website

What we believe

✅ A strong purpose* makes life easier. Once you know what you want, you can make a plan to make it happen. The hardest part is figuring out what you actually want. This is because we usually keep going as in autopilot and we don’t always stop and take the time to explore our passions.

✅ Deciding to pursue your dreams is like going to the gym. The hard part is deciding to take action and go. Once you’re there, you actually have a good time.

✅ Education is the best investments you’ll ever make. We consider school and university as the start of our education journey, not the end.

✅ Our fear usually stops us from pursuing our passions and dreams because we focus on the risk instead of the reward. Acquiring knowledge helps us mitigate risks and learn to manage our fears. By doing so, you’ll allow yourself to live a joyful and fulfilling life. You will need both knowledge and courage.

✅ We are living a time where change will only come faster. There’s nothing we can do to stop it from happening. We embrace change. We believe the more change, the more opportunities we get.

✅ We strive to find an equilibrium between enjoying the journey, learning and improving through experience whilst simultaneously achieving goals faster (and cheaper). Teaching ourselves can result in delaying the reward for too long plus, some mistakes can be expensive!

✅ Acquiring knowledge gives us more options to choose from. It also allows us to see opportunities that others miss. 

✅ Deciding for ourselves is very important. Knowledge gives us both more tools to make the right decision and builds our confidence when making important choices. We’ll be presented with plenty of opportunities through our lives. Being able to analyze what is being presented and deciding to take action is vital. Not taking action is a decision in itself. Remembering that sales is an art… I was definitely sold on negative gearing as a good investment until I learnt about other options that made much more sense to me. Some people might be happy with losing money. I choose to make a profit. That’s just what works for me but, even if you have a high income and you could get a tax break, losing money still means you have a negative return on your investment!

*Note on purpose: how I’ve come to think about it is in the following way: If I had enough money that I didn’t need to work, how would I choose to spend my time? I could not be lying at the beach all day – would get bored very fast! So how would I choose to help others then? Figuring out your life purpose isn’t easy; it takes time and energy. You’ll probably have to try a few things before uncovering it. If you’re interested on this topic, check out the FREE FB group I’ve created. In the units section, I’ve included info and the exercises I did myself to figure out my “why”. I’ve included my responses.


Our Values

The following represent our primary values:





Simplicity is key to us because we strive to teach anyone keen on taking action and getting started. We understand each one of us is unique, with our own talents and weaknesses. We can’t all be good at everything, which means some of us might struggle more than others when it comes to business and running numbers. We make it a priority to keep it simple enough that you’ll be able to understand the process and confidently decide by yourself whether a deal is good or you could actually do better. We believe the knowledge you’ll gain from our course will result in you trusting your own decisions.