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How to start surfing the property investment market

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✅ Decide when is the best time to get started with your investments

✅ Choose whether property (as one of many types of investments) suits you best

✅ Have clarity on what positive & negative gearing mean

✅ Decide which strategy (between positive & negative gearing) works best for you

✅ Know how to earn money in growing and declining property markets

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About us

Purpose, Vision and Mission

Why we’ve created Finkke:
We want to enable people to achieve a life of fulfillment by empowering them to develop profitable passive income streams through real estate investments.

How we’re going to fulfill our reason of being:
Our online platform allows you to acquire practical knowledge about property investments, enables you to network with other investors and connects you with the right people so you can build a profitable passive income stream.

What success looks like to us:
Our mission is to help 2 million people gain freedom of choice in the next 10 years by empowering them to create their own profitable passive income streams.

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We have diverse free content and tutorials available so you can get started exploring the property investment world. Keep scrolling down to check some of the videos!

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We offer consulting services exclusive for Finkke’s GROW YOUR PROPERTY INVESTMENTS AND WORK BECAUSE YOU WANT TO students (from both the online and face-to-face courses).

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